We convince in every area

Our group is entirely geared to your vehicle-specific needs. Together, we cover all the needs in products and services that our customers need, as different as they may be.

Our service for you

  • We trade products of all renowned manufacturers in the bus and railway industry
  • We stand for expert, competent and friendly advice on company premises and in the field service
  • We deliver quickly and extensively with our own fleet and offer a variety of logistics solutions in the interests of our customers
  • We live the partnership with customers and suppliers through our industry tours, technology forums, OmniLex events, trade show appearances, and sales days.
  • We offer innovative solutions in the online shop and simplify procurement processes by integrating the digital solutions & OCI interface


    • Own fleet
    • Internal and field service
    • ISO 9001 certified


    • OCI interface
    • 160.000 Items
    • Ready for e-mobility