Rail transport

In line with the motto "Safety on the move!", Lex & Hesse offers you high-quality branded products in the field of railway vehicle spare parts from a wide range of products tailored to customer requirements.

Service Partner for Rail Transport

Lex & Hesse offers you daily for business and project-related support with a full range of spare parts in the fields of trams, trains, cargo and locomotives.

We support you in the detailed determination and design of spare parts and provide you maintenance packages for a wide variety of vehicle types. In addition, we provide you with technical information for maintenance and offer optimal logistics concepts, short delivery times and fair prices.


Spare parts network for rail vehicle parts

With our spare parts network for rail vehicles, which we design together with the service and the parts of vehicles GmbH, we achieve an efficient demand bundling of selected rail vehicle component parts for our customers in municipal and private rail transport through coordinated purchasing.

Customer and Railway Industry Forum

With our customers, we visit selected manufacturers for industrial tours. During factory tours and lectures, our industrial partners will inform you about the production, development and trends of selected rail vehicle components. We offer our customers and suppliers space for the development and maintenance of networks and the exchange of experience on current technical issues.