Our Cityscape in Transition - Know-how for E-Buses

Vehicles with electric drives will shape our street scene in the future. Through the development of efficient and needs-based technologies, manufacturers of all brands and their suppliers are actively helping to shape this change. Lex & Hesse accompanies you in this way with innovative ideas and supports you to achieve this change successfully.

Thanks to our affiliation with the Carrosserie Hess AG, we will have the expertise from over 80 years of research and development in e-mobility, from which you will also benefit.

In addition to the supply of components for electric buses and electric vehicles, we also offer infrastructural solutions for charging electric vehicles of any kind.

Join us in contributing to less CO² emissions, less noise and the sustainable use of precious resources.

Your benefit

  • Your system partner for electric mobility in commercial vehicles

  • A large supply of components for electromobility available
  • Wide range of services
  • Customer specific needs analysis
Infrastructural solutions    •    Reduced noise and CO² emissions in use     •   Sustainable use of precious resources